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Taamul Archiving System
A system that stores, preserves and indexes documents and files electronically and issues detailed reports for all different data and the ability to review them at any time and from anywhere and get rid of paper transactions.
Document Management Systems
430.00 SR 430.00 SR 430.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
The administrative communication system allows facilitating internal and external administrative transactions and correspondence, while controlling the powers according to the organizational structure. It provides a set of informational services, reports and statistics that help in completing work at all levels and facilitates taking appropriate decisions.
Document Management Systems
450.00 SR 450.00 SR 450.0 SAR
(2 Ratings)
Smart Ecommerce System
E-commerce is an open online market around the clock that saves time and effort for the online shopper to access all goods and services with a variety of options in a reliable environment.
Therefore, we offer you a smart e-commerce system to motivate you, increase your confidence in your transactions, and protect your data, which enhances the growth of your trade and contributes to achieving your strategic goals.
300.00 SR 300.00 SR 300.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
Retail Managment
Our deom app for retail point of sale has been designed keeping in mind the user experience and the latest technology. Within a few seconds the customer's retail experience can be greatly enhanced. Moreover, it ensures easy integration with other devices and fixtures such as scanners, printer, weighing scale and cash box.
250.00 SR 250.00 SR 250.0 SAR
Restaurant Management Software
A restaurant not only needs a great Chef cuisine and food servicing employee but also a dedicated management tool. Deom brings in a dedicated approach to operations with the help of the Point of Sale module originally defined to run the retail operations. Deom marketplace will configure the POS module to run your restaurant.
300.00 SR 300.00 SR 300.0 SAR
Logistic Management System
Full confidence in managing logistics operations using high-accuracy data.
Enables seamless resource planning and operations management.
ERP Systems
1,200.00 SR 1,200.00 SR 1200.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
Inventory Management System
Inventory management system helps to manage and track products, in terms of available quantities, quantities that have been sold, in addition to the ability to locate each product in stock with ease and efficiency.
Inventory Management
199.00 SR 199.00 SR 199.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
Injazati is an integrated electronic system for government project management (EPM) with high professionalism.
A web system that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, from various devices, and is designed with a distinctive and attractive image.
This system provides basic and necessary services for project management such as scope management, task management, event management, resource management, risk management, user management, notification management, statistics, settings, archive modifications, file management and many other important operations...
Project Management
550.00 SR 550.00 SR 550.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
Healthcare ERP
All critical data at your fingertips to make data-driven healthcare decisions
DEOM is an open, modern, DIY ERP software for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries.
Document Management Systems
899.00 SR 899.00 SR 899.0 SAR
Deom Low
Lawyer system for managing law firms
ERP Systems
250.00 SR 250.00 SR 250.0 SAR
Business Plus Non-profit
Run your nonprofit organization smoothly by tracking members, memberships, volunteers, donors, and grant applications.
ERP Systems
950.00 SR 950.00 SR 950.0 SAR
Business Plus Factory
In light of digital investment and for more advancement in the industrial sector that contributes to our planning for the future and our vision of developments taking place, Slnee is proud to present the Business Plus smart resource planning system for the digitization of factories, which is an open-source electronic system that helps our customers to manage operational resources in a sound and efficient manner required for all departments including human resources, finance, procurement, and warehouse management.
ERP Systems
1,150.00 SR 1,150.00 SR 1150.0 SAR
(3 Ratings)
Asset Management System
Makes asset management easy, from purchase to perishment, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover every branch of your organization, all in one centralized system. Use ample features jam-packed in a single tool to manage assets better.
Asset Management
320.00 SR 320.00 SR 320.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)

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