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Taamul Archiving System

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    A system that stores, preserves and indexes documents and files electronically and issues detailed reports for all different data and the ability to review them at any time and from anywhere and get rid of paper transactions.

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    Archive System

    The system allows archiving, managing and archiving paper documents in digital form, as it enables the user to store, track, manage and archive documents easily. As well as helping to reduce costs in paper, effort and time in printing and reproduction processes during their circulation, which ensures the preservation of documents from loss and damage.


    Odoo • Text and Image
    Odoo • Image and Text

    System Features

    • Designing an archiving tree for several levels according to the appropriate classification for the facility.

    • Indexing and storing documents with easy search and retrieval them at any time and from any place.

    • Encryption of confidential transactions or part of them.

    • Manage Users, Groups, and Permissions

    • Accurate automatic monitoring of the work of all users by the system administrator.

    • Issuing summary and detailed reports for various documents.


    The system is divided into many models, most notably

    • Folder Management

    • Document management

    • Files management

    • Scanner

    • Search and indexing

    • Reports

    • Settings.


    Odoo • Text and Image
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