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    A performance management system enables:
    Improve the profit margin of the company.
    Supporting staff on a suitable professional path.
    Provide staff with valuable progressive feedback.
    Ensure staff meet their SMART goals.
    Ensure that employee goals relate to and advance organizational goals.



    PMS system helps you in the regular evaluation of the human resources of your organization and take advantage of the best of their knowledge, skills and experience.

    The system also enables the implementation of employee evaluation strategies to maintain a high level of performance, and motivates them to provide professional work.

    Regular HR assessment brings benefits to your employees as well as your organization.

    The system contains the management and evaluation of the career path in a flexible, clear and uncomplicated manner.

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    Create Appraisal Plans

    Preparing evaluation plans is easy, flexible and effective.

    The system allows you to create several plans for each department with different stages.

    You can also add appropriate actions and forms to organize your assessments in the right way.


    • High flexibility to create evaluation plans from the top of the pyramid to the bottom or vice versa, self-evaluations, and final evaluations by the manager.

    • Create multiple assessment methods.

    • High flexibility to define different evaluation criteria.

    • Fully integrated with the Human Resources unit.

    • Ability to search evaluations in different dimensions eg employee, department, status, etc.

    • Multi-level initial assessments and notification of results.

    • Manage evaluations and approvals based on the organization's policies.

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    Create templates, Design surveys

    You can convert surveys into forms for easy use again. Or customize models to create opinion polls or design your own opinion polls from the start. Create multiple questionnaires for each step of the assessment process.

    Automating Process

    The system automatically allows emails and evaluation requests to be sent to the employees according to the schedule set up in the evaluation plan.


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