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Inventory Management System

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    Inventory Management Dashboard

    Open source inventory dashboards highlight all (KPI) Key Performance Indicators immediately. With configurable inventory dimensions and customizable dashboards, it is finally possible to analyze every component of your business in one place.

    Managing inventory Structures; 

    The Location Structure menu opens the warehouses structure within your physical locations, partner locations or virtual locations. You also can create counterpart locations to map your major operations (customer deliveries, inventory Profit-Loss etc.) with the locations. Structuring your Locations would in turn allow you to perform detailed analysis of your stock operations and give you a good insight of your warehouse organization.

    Incoming Shipment: 

    The Incoming Shipments represent all suppliers’ orders to be received, generated by the purchase orders confirmations. Sahil also allows you to manage back orders, automated inventory valuation, serial numbers, and quality control, control invoices to suppliers, Print packing lists , add information on production lots & packs etc. Sahil supports reception control by order lines and allows you to process multi order receptions, and process partial and complete shipments with ease.

    Internal transfer:

    you can configure logistic rules to move internal products between several locations in your warehouses for each product. Stock Moves in Sahil can be set configured to Automatic Stock Moves or Manual Stock Moves, Sahil doo by default supports the Pushed Flow Logistic method to automatically move products internally based on location. You are also allowed to configure the Pulled Flow method and base your moves on the procurement orders. You can also go for Manual stock

    moves for reorganization purposes in your warehouse. 

     Financial Inventory management:

    .the double-entry structure of locations enables a very precise correspondence between stocks and accounts and creates a strong coherence. Each stock movement also generates a corresponding accounting entry in an accounting journal to ensure that the two systems can stay in permanent synchronization. You can manage your stocks through journals, manage transportation costs, confirm/cancel multiple orders, invoices and quotations in a single go and do much



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