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Asset Management System

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    Makes asset management easy, from purchase to perishment, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover every branch of your organization, all in one centralized system. Use ample features jam-packed in a single tool to manage assets better.

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    Asset Life Cycle

    Effective asset management in the facility is one of the most important means by which money is preserved and waste in expenses is reduced.

    The asset management system came within the resource planning systems with an important program that all institutions benefit from in following up the life cycle of their fixed and mobile assets.

    The system contains integrated functions to follow the life of the asset; Starting from the day of its purchase, then where to store it and how to use it, with the follow-up of periodic maintenance operations, and the amount of expenditure it costs to operate it, and ending with its exit from service or its sale

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    Asset Inventory

    The system features an integrated database so that you can easily manage all information about an asset. You can scan barcodes with your device's camera to get a quick system search for assets, and make decisions based on accurate data like asset availability, location, and more..

    When you purchase an asset, the system automatically creates a record for it based on the information stored in the database.


    Purchasing Assets

    It's a simplified and easy buying process!

    Where assets are purchased through purchase receipts or purchase invoices. The system directly creates a record of the asset, based on the information stored in the system. Depreciation methods, schedule, insurance details and more features can be updated in just a few clicks.

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    Selling Assets

    The process is fast, smooth and paperless. With just a few clicks you can sell the assets you no longer need. There is no overhead for maintaining accounting books, as the system will automatically create special files for them.

    Automating Asset Depreciation

    There is no hassle in the process of calculating the depreciation of assets, as the system performs all the calculations automatically according to the data entered for the various asset classes..

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