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  • Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems

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Healthcare ERP
All critical data at your fingertips to make data-driven healthcare decisions
DEOM is an open, modern, DIY ERP software for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries.
Document Management Systems
899.00 SR 899.00 SR 899.0 SAR
Taamul Archiving System
A system that stores, preserves and indexes documents and files electronically and issues detailed reports for all different data and the ability to review them at any time and from anywhere and get rid of paper transactions.
Document Management Systems
430.00 SR 430.00 SR 430.0 SAR
(1 Ratings)
The administrative communication system allows facilitating internal and external administrative transactions and correspondence, while controlling the powers according to the organizational structure. It provides a set of informational services, reports and statistics that help in completing work at all levels and facilitates taking appropriate decisions.
Document Management Systems
450.00 SR 450.00 SR 450.0 SAR
(2 Ratings)

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